Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Night Question: Can School Assignment Makes You A Boring Person?

Hmm, maybe it can.

After watching an opening skit and the opening number by James Franco and Anne Hathaway (via Youtube) in Oscar 2011 last night, I realize it can.
Well, I am a big fan of them both.
I think they are trully talented actors.
And I had a high expectation for them hosting The Oscars.
Yeah, because the promo was good, funny, kindda interesting.
And because I've seen them in Saturday Night Live, and they kindda pulled it off.

But, hey, hosting Oscars is a total different from hosting SNL, no?

James (with his "hard to find" smile) and Anne on stage at Oscar 2011. Source: ^

So, last night, what I could see was, the lack of interest from James.
And Anne seemed to push it so hard to make the time of them two on stage to be mooore excited. (Poor, Anne).

Hmm, I don't know.
Maybe it was the role that the Oscar team made for them.
But, isn't Oscar and the other award shows in America meant to be funny?

A lot of critics said that maybe James is too busy with his thousands other projects.
Including his mission to get a PhD from Yale.
He didn't even attend the after party because he should get back to the class.

Hmm, if school thing can make you a boring person, I should be affraid then.
Because I am in my last semester, and I will spend a lot of time finishing my final assignment.
And be boring is the last thing on my mind right now.

Well, hope it was just an act.
Or if it was real, (the uninterested James),
I hope James will be back to James that I and probably all of his fans love pretty soon.
You know, the charming, all smiley James Franco we know.

Final words, if you are still in school, don't host Oscar.



Dechuacat said...

That's not related!

Odah, lo merasa si James Franco tu mirip James Dean ga?
Eh iya kan bener namanya James Dean? Yg aktor mati muda jaman dulu pokoknya...? ne?

nyai dachimah said...

dah, si james franco beneran lagi dalam tahap meraih PhD? aduh itu orang aneh tapi pinter yak ternyata. ckckck..
semangat TKA dah! *mengepalkan tangan ke udara*

Dheyzhere said...

>>Dachi: Yes, Dachi. Our guy is so smart and ambitious at the same time. Haha. Dia bahkan katanya ngejar PhD di Yale majoring in English sama Film School di NYU kalo ga salah. Muantaph ga tuh? Makanya rada plongo begitu jadinya. haha.

>>Dechu : Hahaha. Kalo sampe terbukti related, gw bisa pusing tujuh keliling dechu. hahaha.

FYI, dechu, si James emang pernah maen film biografinya James Dean as JAMES DEAN. That's why he looks like James Dean. hahaha.