Monday, March 21, 2011

Unai Casillas

If you don't know yet, but I'm sure you have already know,
Unai is the younger brother of Iker Casillas.
Recently, I just got curious with him.
It's been a long time since I saw him in these photos.

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I'm sure he is growing up fine.
But, I just want to know what's going on with his life.
I mean he is more than just an 'Iker Casillas' successor, right?

Finally, I found an amazing interview with Unai here.
From there I know that he does become a footballer.
Not a goallie like his brother, but a midfielder.
In a club called CD Móstoles.
They currently play in the third division.

He also takes some classes in university.
I think he is majoring in economy or something.
So, he said he took classes in the morning and then go to the training in the afternoon.
How awesome is that?
Smart boy with a smart choice.
If you can do both, porque no, huh?

I think Unai has showed us how he is able to not living in his brother's shadow.
I mean a lot of siblings have some troubles if the other one is more successful.
People love to compare them, right?

So, with Unai, I can see he is enjoying his life and take his own choice in career and education.
He doesn't care if he can play in primera division or not.
He is just enjoying every moment of it.

From the interview, I sense he is a total fun guy too.
Maybe Unai is the joker in the family and Iker is the mature one.

So, here are some pictures of Unai, Iker, and the family.

Iker with Unai and cousin in Austria.

Unai is a fan of Barcelona.

Never seen this before, Unai with his brother in the same car.

Unai, the joker.

I saw this Unai in a video before, right when he came to support his brother in World Cup 2010.

Unai plays for CD Mostoles.

The Casillas, minus Iker, in Austria.

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Last, but not least..

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Yuni Winingsih said...

ganteeeeng menggoda gitu ya adeknya juga hehheheh
emang ini berarti gen bagus dah, kalo kita nikah ama salah satu casilas anak kita bisa dijadiin boyband nih kyknya ahahhaha

Dheyzhere said...

Busyeeeng yun, kaga kepikiran gw..hahahaha..Iya juga yeee, tar lw kawin sama Unai, gw sama Casillasm mama Maya sama Silba..Kita bisa bikin saingannya Bigbang..Bwahahahaha..Unai seumuran kita lagi yun..Poll kan?? Tante kesepian mulai beraksi..