Monday, October 22, 2012

Embracing My Youth with These Movies TV Series and Magazines

Well, I feel obsess with youth movement, rebellious act, and urban fashion kinda things lately.

First of all,
I've started watching RiRi's fashion TV series "Styled to Rock" last week and I got hooked.
Really, the fashion is soo amazing,edgy, funky, quirky, and very.....British.
The contestants and the mentors..aahh..they are oh-so-stylish.
Can you imagine watching the outfit of Henry Holland, Nicola Roberts,  and Lysa Cooper in one scene every week?
It's an eye-pleasure for me, for sure.
And the contestants outfits? Don't ask.
They are all awesome.
I really want them to design me something. Anything. Really.

The super stylish mentors.

I looove the contestants sense of style!!
Jacqueline, Ben, steve, and my fave, Heidi.

With all these kinda urban-ish vibe around, I, then, got obsessed reading this magazine called "COMPANY".
The magazine can really feed your hunger on street fashion stuff.
Yess, what I like about this magazine, is that they respect and fully commit to talk about high-street fashion.
It's not all glamor like Vogue or Elle.
It's also not too  neat like when you read Teen Vogue.
The layout is simple, edgy, and pretty awesome.
And they write a lot about fashion bloggers too.
So, what's not to like, right?
Can't wait for their new "4 covers" high-street edited edition on November 2012. 

The newest issue. I want the "pretty punk" one.

To complete the mood, I recently look around for some movies that will probably be a good match with my recent attraction to youth culture.
I am still desperately waiting for "The Perks of being a Wallflower" to be shown in Indonesian theaters, like... SOON.

I also want to watch some movies like  Pitch Perfect, Ruby Sparks, Seeking a Friend for The End of The World, Damsel in Distress, and On The Road (not for Kristen Stewart though, it's more like for Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst)

Adam Brody and ANTM alumn, Analeigh Tipton, make me curious.
Don't know why. But I love Kiera's nerdy clothes here.

Paul Dano + director of Little Miss Sunshine = Bizarrely good movie.
 A Capella in a cool way. Can't waiiit!


And, in the middle of downloading the series "HUGE", I got curious with what Nikky Blonsky doing recently.
So, I looked up on Google.
Aaaaand, I found this amazing news.
So, she will be taking a part in this upcoming movies called "Geography Club" (2013).
It is an adaption from Brent Hartinger novel with the same title.


The initial story is pretty much the same like The Perks or another teenage rebellious storyline.
There is this guy name Russel who is the outcast at his school.
Secretly, he is gay, too.
So he and his best friend, Min, who is also a lesbian, make this club called Geography Club to gather some of his friends who are having the same problem like them. Being pushed to hide their true sexual orientation.

From what I read on Wikipedia, this story have a strong potential to be huge too, (if they making it in the right --not too cheesy and predictable--kinda way).

Just like the Perks.
And, I can't wait to see Justin Deeley from 90210 being gay. ;p

Cameron Dean Stewart from Pitch Perfect
will be Russel.
Justin Deeley will be Kevin.
Can't wait!!

  All pictures were taken from Google. For fun and personal use only.

That's it.
See you!

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