Thursday, October 11, 2012

Portfolio Daaaaaay!!

In my very very very spare time, I decided to make some articles for my portfolio.
They're mostly about fashion and popular culture, the theme which I love the most.
And...because I'm no good at using Photoshop, so I edited the whole page in Microsoft Word.
But, I'm having a huge fun time and I'm proud of the results.
Take a look. ^^

 All pictures aren't mine. I looked all up on Google.
 These use for non-commercial purpose.




bunavita said...

ah i miss reading your articles here, dhe!

Dheyzhere said...

hihihi..bener tuh mba bunaa?kan tulisan aku bisa bikin kram perut..*saking panjangnya..bwahahaha..aah I miss writing too mba bungaaaa..