Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Cat Flat Shoes Have Just Arrived!

I ordered these "Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat Shoes"-inspired about two weeks ago.
And, finally.
The delivery guy just knocked on my door and gave me the package.

Alexa Chung was seen wearing them plenty of time.
Beyonce also wore the leopard prints one.
And apparently, there are many cute cat face shoes out there.

I am a cat person.
So, I am happy.

My new kitty flat shoes. And my cat loves them too!!

Fit just right!
Shoes by DECIMAL.

Miss Chung loves them soo much! ^
Beyonce with her leopard one! ^
The other color! Red. ^

Stripes is kinda cool too. ^

Had a thought to go with the wedges one but cancelled.
Guess flats are better in my environment. Hehe. ^


The face is just insanely cute. ^



fidella anandhita savitri said...

AAAK!!! odaaah.. beli dimana? mauuu!!!

fidella anandhita savitri said...
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Dheyzhere said...

Pan itu udah saya kasih linknya del.Kekeke.
beli di Decimal Shoes.
Coba dia jual yg warna merah. Gw mau deh.

Anna said...

Where can you get the catwedge? I'm in love. BIG time!